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Fixing Equipment at Fast Plant Tool Hire - Swindon and UK


Fixing Equipment Day Price Extra Day Price Week Price
Spit P370 Powder Actuated Nail Gun £34.50 £13.80 £69.00
Paslode 1st Fix Nail Gun 50-90mm Ring Shank Nails* £29.00 £11.60 £58.00
Paslode 2nd Fix Nail Gun 16-64mm Straight Brad* £29.00 £11.60 £58.00
Dewalt 2nd Fix Nail Gun 32-63mm Angle Brad* £29.00 £11.60 £58.00
Air Powered Staple Gun With Compressor £26.00 £10.40 £52.00
Air Powered Brad Nail Gun With Compressor £26.00 £10.40 £52.00
Porta Nailer Tongue And Groove Nailer* £22.50 £9.00 £45.00
Spot Nail Floor Stapler C/W Mallet* £14.00 £5.60 £28.00
Pulsa 700 E and P* £34.50 £13.80 £69.00